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Yours forever.

Title: Yours forever.

Author: whoswaymyway

Genre: Romance, Angst

Pairing: Heechul/Hankyung

Rating: G

Summary: “Mama said that two people who love each other are tied with a red string, like this one.”



When Heechul was a kid, he only had one friend, his name was Hangeng. The other kids avoided Heechul because he was weird, and he liked to hold other kids hands.

But Hangeng, he was the only one who stayed with him. Whenever Heechul would hold his hand, Hangeng would drop everything he is doing and hold his hand tightly and they would watch the clouds and the world pass them by.

By the time they were 10, Hangeng had to leave for China, Heechul cried. He cried so hard, his eyes hurt. Heechul accompanied Hangeng and his family to the airport, all the while holding Hangeng’s hand. When the time came that Hangeng had to board the plane, he sprouted a red string from his pocket. Heechul eyed it curiously, Hangeng just smiled at him and tied one end to his pinky, he reached for Heechul’s hand, and did the same to his pinky.

“What’s this?” Heechul said pulling at the string.

“Mama said that two people who love each other are tied with a red string, like this one.” Hangeng bent down and bit down on the string; it snapped right in the middle.

“Why’d you do that for?” Heechul yelled, and smacked Hangeng on the head.

“I’m leaving, but Mama said that when we meet again, this red string will be fixed.” Hangeng’s eyes are filled with tears, he sniffles and wipes his nose with his sleeves. Heechul grins at him, and he refuses to cry. Not infront of Hangeng, not again.

Hangeng hugs him, and Heechul hugs back just as desperate.

“Wait for me, okay?” And Heechul nods, whispering “I will.” against Hangeng’s neck.

Hangeng waves goodbye, and then he doesn’t look back. Heechul watches him until he is gone in the throng of people. He walks to his mother who is sitting by the exit and they leave the airport silently.

On his way home he stares at the red string and vows to wait for Hangeng’s return.


Hangeng turns 20, and for his birthday he asked that he return to Korea to visit Heechul. He examines the red string tied to his pinky, thinking of a 10 year old boy with red hair and a smirk that scares off people but Hangeng loves.

He recalls running through mud puddles hand in hand with a boy, who would suddenly push him into one deep mud puddle and would laugh hysterically, giving himself whiplash. He remembers a boy who said he would wait, who he promised that he’ll come back to.

We have now arrived in Seoul, Korea.

Hangeng smiles.

“I’m back, Heechul. I’m back.”


This wasn’t how Hangeng planned to see Heechul. The reuniting that he had imagined for so long wasn’t like this. Hangeng stairs at Heechul’s face; a picture of absolute peace.

Heechul died of Leukemia.

He sat at the back of the funeral; watching from afar as they lowered Heechul’s red coffin. He chuckled bitterly; even in death Heechul wanted to be different.


He sat with his head in his hands; crying for his lost love. Everyone had already left; but he didn’t want to. He wouldn’t leave him, not again.

“Hangeng.” He looks up to see Heechul’s mother infont of him.

“He wanted you to have this.” She gives him a round container; he takes it with trembling hands. He takes of the lid, inside were numerous balls of red strings. He feels his eyes tear up. On top was a white envelope, written in the middle in Heechul’s handwriting, was his name.  


If you’re reading this, I’m probably already gone. But I just wanted you to know that I kept my promise. I waited for you, I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to wait long enough to see you.

I love you Hangeng, always had and always will. Maybe in our next life.

Yours forever, Heechul.

“Heechul..” He stares at the ground, and starts to shake.

“He told me that no matter how far you two were; you were connected by this red strings. He truly loved you Hangeng.” Heechul’s mother gave him a hug, and Hangeng cried on her shoulder.


Many years later, Hangeng stares at the clouds above; beside him was Heechul’s gravestone.

“Heechul..wait for me, we’ll be together again.” He closes his eyes, his old body heaving deep breaths. Then everything slows down, the wind blows silently.

The hand that lays atop Heechul’s container fall to the ground with a soft thud.


“Mama said that two people who love each other are tied with a red string, like this one.”

“Wait for me, okay?”

“I will.”

We’ll be together again…

 AN: Heavily inspired by SJM's Blue Tomorrow MV. Mainly because of the appearance of red strings, and then the chinese belief. So yeah. :D

Tags: member: hankyung, member: heechul, pairing: hanchul, super junior
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